Gas prices are up and people blame the pandemic. Really? The truth is that Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline that was scheduled to bring millions of barrels from the frac sands of the Balkans. He canceled all permits to drill on federal land and waters and has made it impossible for current drilling to continue. Supply and demand trade reacted and gas prices went up. Just yesterday, Biden begged OPEC to turn up the spicket. Begged!. Iran has not love lose and can blocked the Straights of Hormuz when they want. Under Trump we didn’t import one barrel of oil and prices were stable. This is only one example of how Biden is trying to destroy America. Your friends can call it processed that we are moving too green energy, but guess what? Big oil is already working on that. There needs to be a smooth transition because there is not one alternative energy source that remotely come close to replacing fossil fuels at this moment. The effect you ask? Higher prices across the board for no GD reason other than yo reverse there economic policies that Trump used to make us a prosperous and independent nation for the first time in a reeeeeeally long time. If you are around 40ish, you have never seen this type of prosperity ever. Not anymore. Biden wants to break the nation because his socialist overlords know this is the only way to get more and more people dependent on the dole. If this $3.5 trillion new Green Debacle goes through we will have spent $10 trillion dollars in just over a year. 10 F’n Trillion!!! Add inflation to the mix, and oh yeah any first year ecin major can tell you that when you are paying people to stay home and not produce goods and services, more dollars are chasing the scarcity of only a few of the goods and services and presto, INFLATION! The left has a Manchuria leader and they are literally destroying the nation front of us! This is just the tipi of the iceberg. Buckle up and hold onto what you got if you can!

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