First of all, if you are still listening to ANY MSM, including Fox, you are not getting anything but their agenda. If you are a conservative, I will accept Tucker Carlson, Hannity, and Laura Ingram on evening Fox. They have been hard at getting it right, and you know they are right because even the NSA is spying on Tucker’s text messages. It’s sickening and is totally out of the Marxist playbook. Listen here

Is the NSA capable of spying on your conversations? If they openly spy on a public figure like Tucker, it would be much easier to spy on you. Talk to much about vaccines, election fraud, CDC being politicized and just simply devoid of real science you could end up on their watch list. Recently Biden’s AG all but called out Trump supporters as a threat to the Homeland. Read Here

Must Follow News/Podcast/Radio for the Truth About America Now

Dan Bongino

Podcaster/Talk Show Host/Journalist

A Conservative talk show host whom is not immune to the facts and calls in as it is and is not split tongue about any issue

Ben Shapiro

Podcaster/Talk ShowHost/Author

Is the fastest growing conservative podcast in America

Mark Levin

Talk ShowHost/Author/Podcaster

Author of American Marxism and former and one of the hottest conservative, talk radio host

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