Your Friends Call You Conspiracy Theorist, but Their Eyes Can’t Unsee This!

Gas prices are up and people blame the pandemic. Really? The truth is that Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline that was scheduled to bring millions of barrels from the frac sands of the Balkans. He canceled all permits to drill on federal land and waters and has made it impossible for current drilling to continue. […]

Biden’s Walk Back

Yesterday Biden said lockdowns are coming back. Today the White House walked that back. You see, they are worried about the 2022 elections being a blog bath. In a recent poll it showed that President, and Dem controlled congress has polls that are slipping. They can’t afford to lose the American public or they will […]

Crushing the Left’s Cancel Culture

The left is cancelling everything from the transparency of the side effects of the vaccine from trusted medical, including your doctor to telling you that all white people are racist. The color of the air has changed since the left was able to absorb all of Biden’s last brain molecules. Biden was a moderate but […]